Sunday, January 29, 2012

Traffic Madness

When I was riding around in Cambodia on bicycle, I just loved the madness of the traffic. The 5 way intersections with people coming from all directions and riding behind the motor bikes cutting through traffic-exciting.  It was exciting, thrilling, and risk-taking-three things that Pris loves.  Something about this traffic situation just worked. 
Now India seems to be a whole new ballpark.  When I first arrived I just sat and stared at the traffic and people, I could not believe the amount of cars, bikes, rikshas, buses, trucks and non-stop traffic.  It is unbelievable how many cars are on the road and how this hot mess just keeps moving.  Crossing the street is crazy as people just run in the middle as cars just pass by their feet, including myself. It is a whole new way of learning how to cross the street.  Three to five lanes of traffic just combining all into one and I move my head like a bobble head sitting in disbelief with what I am seeing.  It is fascinating how these people get around and how patient one has to be with this traffic.  A destination that is 1 mile away may take in an hour. The traffic is especially bad in Bangalore, where I have been for the past month.  It creates a whole new meaning for the word "traffic."
 But this hot mess manages to work itself out by reaching your destination whether by bus, car, riksha, or on a horse-the Indians will eventually get there!

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