Sunday, January 29, 2012

Only In India

You get hit in the head by a large stick from a lady walking with 50 or so 1ft sticks on her head in the middle of a curved road off a cliff

You get off the local city bus in traffic to buy a flash drive and walk a few feet 5 minutes later to get right back on the bus

You go the store to buy $4.00 headphones and the entire process takes 12 minutes

The conductor gets off the bus to buy you a butter dosa during traffic hour

You go into a major department store to buy sunglasses and you ask to see them. “I’m sorry Madam we can not show you them-the man with the key is out sick for the week.”

You go to a tea factory and you see a splatter of puke next to the major tea display

Every other day there is a power outage

A guy jumps in front of your car, gets hit, and just keeps on walking with the driver not even blinking an eye

Purchasing something fresh in a package becomes a luxury

Indian Santas and Indian benzes are roaming the streets through the day and night
You turn a corner driving not sure what you will see, but you continue on looking at your iphone and sipping on a cold coffee
You are stuck on a bus for 5 hours because tigers and elephants are passing through the forests

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