Sunday, January 29, 2012

Going Vegetarian

Traveling around Asia, I saw many animals, pigs, ox, horses, goats, roosters, and chickens.  They look so happy and content with their life, which I am sure they are until their death.  The thought of them roaming around with happy little lives and then they are butchered for our own human satisfaction.  It just does not seem fair to me and it never really has overtime.

Growing up in a primarily white suburb of Chicago, I did not eat many different types of meat.  The food was very basic and bland consisting of a beef burger, grilled chicken breast, turkey, and occasional pork chops. In our area, it always cost more for the white meat and my mom always spent that extra money, which made us become accustom to just eating a lot of chicken and turkey meat. 

This all sums up to the fact that meat was never really a necessity growing up and it is not now.  I usually ate it for protein and diet purposes eating low carb and higher protein, which is effective in small meals and not excess quantities.  Overtime, I learned that I loved seafood and there is plenty of protein in vegetables, beans, and fish! So why not become a Pescatarian-fish, eggs, beans, and vegetables. 
I am not willing to give up seafood and it just is not the same as meat. Many can argue that fish are also living, breathing organisms, which is true. But it just is not the same as eating an animal for me.  I was especially touched by my friends I met that were animals, Mr. Humphreys, the pig.  How could I eat Mr. Humphrey’s?

Walking through all the markets and seeing and smelling the meats really did it for me too.  All of the different parts of meats that SE Asians eat just totally disgusted me.   In many cities, I just enjoyed the vegetarian dishes and pretty much just stuck with seafood and some chicken.  I loved the vegetarian dishes way more than the non-veg dishes so why eat meat? Here goes my pescatarian kick=)

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