Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indian Wedding Part 1

Many American weddings have that one special day that you have worked towards for months and months.  In India, this is quite different with many Indian weddings having a 3-5 day wedding period.   In India, most children live with their parents until marriage so the groom has his family perform the rituals in his home and the bride in her own home.  The homes are fully decorated with lights and flowers so everyone knows someone is getting married.   At our home of the groom, there were various poojas performed that have different meanings.  With it being my second day in India, after quite an emotional first day, I was just observing what was happening asking a few questions here and there.   
All of the immediate family were performing the rituals and each person performed an individual blessing for him consisting of rubbing tumeric oil all over his body until he glowed bright orange. This was performed as a blessing, but my Aunt also said it is done to make him glow on his wedding day.
After this we had a big lunch and then had our mindy done, which the designer makes an individual design for each person. After this the bollywood music came on and we all started dancing. It was a beautiful moment and I was so happy to be reunited with my family

                                                            The house decorations
My adorable nieces

The groom before....



My Beautiful Cousins
The groom and Priscilla

Love these two!
My Nephew the cutest thing ever!


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