Thursday, January 12, 2012

Batu Caves, The Water Falls, and a Dancing Night Out

Fally and I headed to the famous Batu Caves, which have an ancient Indian temple inside.  They were quite impressive and I kept staring up to the top taking photos. Caves always amaze me and I am interested in staying overnight in a cave, but I am afraid of bats.  We share coconuts and I eat some green peas.  The monkey’s approach us when eating and I throw the bag at him to hold and runaway.  He cannot help, but laugh at my childish behavior.  I heard the monkey’s do attack and that is the last thing I need is to have another blog post=- Priscilla attacked by a monkey ha!

We decide to head to the waterfalls as we heard about them from some other tourists and Fally had never been to them.  The directions process was quite interesting and entertaining.  An Indian man gave directions with one hand and a few repetitive words ie. “Go down the hill and straight, straight, straight, straight, right” We finally asked a cab driver who was able to give decent directions.  Following them was a bit of a problem as we basically had to ask more people along the way.  It was a gorgeous drive with a dam and lake at the bottom of the mountain.  We were chatting with some local fishers who guided us up to the waterfall.  Entering into a village(my favorite places) I stopped at a fruit stand and the guy gave me all this fruit. When I offered money to him, he would not accept it and said, “Welcome to Malaysia Dear.”
The waterfall with kids sliding down fun!

The beautiful fishing dam


I sat contently with my fruit (mango steamers and lychees) peeling and eating.  We go up a curvy road that looks like a one way.  We pretty much have no sense of direction and the whole thing is entertaining.  When I think that it is getting late and maybe we should just skip it-we turn to our right and see a bunch of cars. We made it to the waterfall.  It was not the most amazing waterfall, but it was the journey that made it fun.  A few kids were sliding down the waterfall and I wanted to do it too, but I did not want to get wet and then risk getting sick-boo!

Fally’s facial expression was hilarious as he looked so scared watching them shoot down the waterfall.  He said, “Black people do not like heights and they do not like dangerous stuff like that.” Ha!

We went off the Twin Petronas towers where we sat at the fountain and relaxed.  We were waiting for two other guests (girls from Hungary).  Instead of having Malay food- I ate Indian food again! As we were eating, the girls showed up.  One seemed friendly and the other seemed like she had a bit of an attitude. I was not quite sure how the evening was going to go.

In the car ride back home, we spent time getting to know each other and they seemed to warm up to me a bit more.  For them both being 21 years old, they were quite mature and responsible.  I was impressed with their traveling and self-discipline.  I’m not sure where my self-discipline was at 21 ha!

Throughout my trip, I was sticking to my Grandma routine of going to bed between 11 and 12 the latest.  We headed out the door at midnight, which was way past my bed time! I did not want to be the anti-social one not going out, especially when the girls were going so I was easily convinced.  We all got all dolled up and the boys got pimped out and off we went ha!

The place was called “Rum Jungle.” That sounded like trouble to me ha! We walked in like we owned the place with our bottle service of wine.  Fally likes to drink white wine when he goes out and Priscilla likes red wine what a duo we made! The reggae band came on and they were hott!  We just had such a great group dynamic.

I felt eyes staring at me from many angles, but of course they do not come up to me.  Well a few did and I just ignored them what a brat ha!

The overall vibes and energy was fab. Before and after the drinks, the girls and I really hit it off. I made a match between the tall girl and Will I am (that is not his real name, but he remind me of him). 

As usual I danced my butt off and we had an incredible night-so happy I made the choice to stay out past my bed time and dance the night away!
The best djs in Malaysia right here!!!

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