Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to Penang-George Town Malaysia UNESCO World Heritage City

Arriving at 5am, I decide to sleep on a bench for a couple hours before I call my host. Yes, I do things like this because I do not like inconveniencing people.  My host insists on picking me up so at 7:30am he arrives.  He is the nicest, kindest person from Dubai.  His place is luxurious and peaceful.  We sit and get to know one another while sipping on Arabic tea and eating fruit salad.

Our day of sightseeing starts with the Kek Lok si temple (Temple of Supreme Bliss).  It is up in the hills with beautiful views of the city.  We both light our candles and say a prayer and I place a prayer ribbon at the top of the tree.  It is so wonderful to see him glow with such internal happiness and joy. I can tell it is an authentic and “simple happiness.” 

Next we head to Penang Hill-tourist trap with a beautiful view of Penang followed by amazing Tandoori chicken in Little India with the worst service ever! We then went to the Strait Quays, which is a beautiful waterfront mall that reminds me of Newport beach.  We walked along the waterfront while discussing life and learning about Dubai.  We then went to the Queens Mall to do some grocery shopping as he wanted to cook dinner for me.
It was interesting because he expressed his interest in me and I expressed my disinterest.  He requested to just let him try and prove himself to me and to at least give him a chance.  I decided to let him try as he is so sweet and such a good person. 
We went shopping together and then he cooked an amazing dinner with some great wine.  While he was cooking I was outside swimming in the pool and enjoying a ginger infused sauna.  When dinner was ready, he called me from the balcony and I hopped out of the pool to head up for amazing salmon.   After dinner, we shared the wine and were listening to music.  I thought to myself this could be my life if I wanted it.  Having a wonderful man like this guy who would love me unconditionally, cook, clean, and take care of me.  He has his own business and his almost finished with his Phd, has a lovely family in Dubai, and has nice friends in Penang.  It is too bad the “A” word is missing out of this equation.A-T-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N. This opportunity has presented itself before, but before they get any chance-Priscilla hops on her horse and runs away.
He was trying to convince me that I deserve someone nice and that I am missing an opportunity, but unfortunately it did not work.  We went on just being friends and having a wonderful time as that because the spark was just not there.

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