Saturday, January 14, 2012

NYE 2012

Spending New Years with family after years and years of being with friends was such a nice experience. I have to admit I did miss my champagne and Dick Clark's countdown, but it is meaningless next to the importance of family.  We arrived at my cousin Ashwin's place around 10pm and everyone had pretty much arrived. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and my Uncle BabaKrishna who I never formally met. He greeted me with such open arms and with his warmth and love, I can see where he gets the title "No Problem" Uncle. He says I can come and stay whenever I would like and he would love the company. He keeps saying, "God Bless me " and he says he loves me and will pray for happiness for my mother, brother, and myself. He did not realize I was his brother in law's daughter, and that realization made him thankful to finally meet me. He told me how much he misses my Uncle Raj who passed away and my father-especially the relationship between the three of them. He is so kind he makes my heart melt and makes me feel loved and cared about.

We munch on chicken lollipops, dumplings, potatoes, and snacks while drinking homemade Rose wine by my Aunt. The girls sit around catching up while the kids are running around on Pepsi highs. My Aunt Indira shows me some of her saris as I am planning on wearing two for the wedding. Peach for day and a sparkly pink for night are my picks. It is so nice sitting and spending time with everyone. Simple and very nice.

As the clock hits 11:45, I get super excited and start to verbalize my own countdown off my cousin's iPhone. My cousin, Adi, prepares shots of abstinenth for everyone-I mean everyone. I did not want to drink it, but everyone else did so I did for my family and the holiday-no enjoyment from it at all.
I continued to go around the kitchen and table saying the time trying to spread some excitement and entertainment ha!
12:00 midnight hits and we all greet each other Happy New Year! It is so nice going around and giving everyone real hugs of joy and happiness. We take some group photos and I continue to sip on some wine.  My cousin brings out the Chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, pasta salad, and black forest cake.

I went outside with the boys and was chatting with my Uncles and cousins while listening to music playing from the car(oh my cousin Adi). My Uncle Raj makes a toast to Adi saying he is just as wonderful as his father. My Uncle begins to tell some stories in Kannada about his father and Aru begins to tear and so do I. I tell my Aunt that I wish I could have met him as everyone says he was the most wonderful human being. It upsets me that I was not there to see him before he passed, but I take personal responsibility for this, just like my Grandma passing. I should have been there.. My Uncle tells me about my Grandma passing and how he went to yoga class and at the end got a phone call that she passed away. The tears in his eyes made mine tear up and I just wish I could have been there as it would have brought such joy to her.
As I go back inside, I realize a few of my Aunt's are being extra friendly and they were buzzed ha! It was so cute. My Aunt Indira was mixing beer with wine and shots-oh boy!
We all continue to drink and eat, the kids fall asleep, and it is basically me, my Aunt, and the boys. Adi, Satch, and myself decide to take off. Satch and I fall asleep in the car and I wake up to Adi telling us we are making another stop for a few minutes. I was not sure where we were going, but it ended up being to see his friends. I jump on the couple I love and wish them a Happy New Year. My cousin has wonderful friends because he is wonderful too. It was a nice wrap up to the night and way past my bed time so we called it a night=)
Oh I forgot to add the theme was Bollywood bright colors sand mismatch.

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