Sunday, January 29, 2012

PRIS Loves Bollywood

Lights, camera, and action! Bollywood is full of life, spirit, being ALIVE, vibrant colors, amazing jewelry, sarris, and hott men. I still can not believe how beautiful the women are-wow! I see them in magazines, TV interviews, and they always look flawless. Their skin and hair is perfection-you go girls! The men are not as beautiful, but there are a few good looking ones.  Some do not even look Indian, which would contribute to my attraction towards them ha!  

I love watching the Bollywood movies, but I especially love the music videos and the songs.  I have about 15 songs that I absolutely love listening to and the beats are very cetchy.  Occassionally, I will walk down the street singing, "Why this, why this, Kuala veri, Kuala veri di", which this song is a common song that everyone knows.  It is about a guy who is heartbroken and angry over a girl.  I purposely walk around singing out loud to make people laugh and for entertainment value.  I love getting a reaction out of people and this definitely does it ha! Where are my camera men to follow me around-seriously?

Here are the top ten songs of 2011 from Times of India. A couple of my favorite songs are Senorita and Dhinga Chica=)

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