Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Time in Singapore

Orchard Road has one of the top light displays in the world. I have heard from many people that Singapore is a wonderful place for Christmas and from my experience I can confirm that it truly is a great spot for this time of year.  On Orchard road, there are trees galore with different displays and interactive games and photo opportunities.  There are street performers singing Christmas music, dancers, and the parade of elephants.  The parade of Elephants is a bunch of carved and painted elephants lined up in various places.  
The cafes and restaurants have the Christmas themed drinks and cakes. It is pretty much a little run America, especially a little Calfornia. Singapore has taken in many California chains and habits.  It is quite interesting to see the California/Hollywood Glam influence. 

In the Marina Bay area, they also have Christmas decorations and performances.  It really made it feel like Christmas time and I enjoyed being in a place that fully celebrates the holiday.  It made me feel a sense of peace and happiness.  Thank you Singapore!

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