Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hold onto Your Inner Child

“I don’t want to grow up I’m a toys r’us kid.” Those growing up in the United States have definitely heard this song a few times growing up.  I always loved that childhood song and I find today it still rings true to my heart and inner spirit.  As we get older, we focus on security, stability, and being responsible.  While it is normal for our needs, wants, and desires to shift with age-it is okay to hold on to characteristics that rejuvenate us and make us feel young.  That is why I believe in holding on to your inner child and letting yourself fully explore, enjoy, and just be. 

I am able to connect well with children because I can see through their eyes with the feeling of curiosity, excitement, wonder, interest, and adventure. When traveling I love to constantly explore new little, hidden treasures whether it is alleys to markets, forbidden path on a hiking trail, a museum, a park, a new food, a new neighborhood, ice cream, heights, and uplifting music.  I get so fascinated and interested sometimes that I have difficulty staying with a group or friends when traveling.  I am staring at a food, talking to a street vendor, looking at a craft-perhaps too much exploring.  With everything comes balanace and if there is imbalance-develop insight into your behavior and what is creating this imbalance.   I recognize that it is good to have balance so I can improve my plan making ability and timeliness when abroad.  But I definitely am appreciative that my higher power gave me my senses to  BE ALIVE and enjoy the beauty of people, nature, and manmade structures.  Let yourself be a kid when you are traveling and enjoy life’s treasures!

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