Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Kuala Lumpur to India!!!!!!!

DECEMBER 27, 2011 After out late night out, setting an alarm for my flight had completely slipped my mind.  I woke up at 11:30 am and I threw my stuff together as I was worried about not being early enough. I was not late by any means, but I was so excited about my flight I wanted to make sure I was there extra early.  On the ride to the airport, I felt the excitement building.  I could not believe that the day for India had finally come.  I was finally going to explore my side, my culture, my family, and my imagined place of such authentic beauty. 
Fally and I say our good byes and off I go to check in with Air Asia.  I tell all the agents that this is my first trip to India and that I am Indian-they have such big smiles and they are very excited for me. 

I realize that it is 12:30 and my flight is at 3:30pm ha! Being early is just fine as I want to have time to mentally prepare for my arrival. 
Being super hungry from the night before, I went to eat a variety of American foods as I figured I would be pretty much kissing them good bye for a few months in India.  Eating fast food in India? No. 

I walked into McDonalds on a cloud. I ordered my happy meal and was smiling so big at the staff.   The people I sat new to on both sides, in front of me, and behind me I was talking with and saying hello.  My soul was glowing all over the place.  After McDonalds, I ate a dunkin donut and then proceeded back to Mc Donald’s for an ice cream. I was just so excited that I could not even contain myself.  Naturally, I turned to food to express my happiness. 

There was a band playing in the lobby dancing and singing and I sat around the circle pulling out some dance moves that made people laugh at me.  I walked through customs and met a sweet, fashionable chic from London.  She was in town for a wedding and I shared with her that I was going to India for my first time.  She was very happy for me and we ended up exchanging information.  I bought some white coffee for my family and I ate more dried fruit samples of mango, pineapple, and papaya.  I stopped myself from continuing to eat as I began to feel a bit sick. 

I sat down waiting for my flight taking some deep breaths and identifying with my feeling of excitement and happiness rather than eating. The list goes on as I continued to talk with others before my flight telling the world that I was finally going to INDIA!!!!!!!!

On the plane, I met the nicest, sweetest older Indian couple. Suri was a retired engineer and his wife was a housewife.  He actually stopped his traveling for work for his wife because she was not in good health.  She often suffered from depression in his absence and he felt it was best to stop traveling so he could be close to her.  He talks about the caste system of India, the economy, the various religions, and his love for Bangalore.  Traveling all over he said he finds Bangalore to be his home.  I was thinking maybe I will find home around his age 67 ha!

He invites me over to his house for tea and gives me his contact info and tells me to call him anytime for anything I need-what a doll.  I hope I meet someone in my family as absolutely lovely as him.  I have come to learn this lovely man was my Uncle and he passed away…

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  1. I feel your passion Prr. I love India! It's like no where else. It's the beginning and the end. (And unlike you I have zero family connections with Mother India so I can only guess how thrilling it was for you to hook up with your once distant, but now close relatives.)

    I was 21. It took me awhile to to get past the culture shock, and then I fell in love. I stayed 3 months - traveled from bottom to top, including side trips to Sri Lanka and Nepal and the Kashmir. I was hooked and became somewhat of an Indiaphile.

    I've returned twice, once in the early 90's and again about 5 years ago.

    Keep sharing! Love your posts.