Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bye Bye Melaka

Leaving from Melaka, I decide to have some lunch with Kristie before I go.  It is sad saying goodbye to Robert, but he has to go on with his schedule. She is so interesting and I just have to see her again before my journey of Malaysia continues.
As I walk to her hostel, I decide to stop at a mosque.  A Muslim boy praying welcomes me in and dresses me up in the traditional head wear and covering gown. He explains the history of the mosque and shares his Muslim beliefs.  I ask him how many times he prays and he responds with at least five times.  He is originally from a nearby city( I forgot the name) near Nigeria.  He educates me on the Muslim faith in Malaysia and I am thankful with him taking the time with me.  I can see and feel how passionate and committed he is to his faith and it is beautiful.

Side note: Before coming to Malaysia, I never knew there was such a high Muslim population.  In Melaka especially, the women are dressed conservatively and being a tourist not covered in head wear-I am easily spotted as a tourist.  Even dressed conservatively, I still did not mold in with the Muslims.  I honestly thought about wearing a head piece so I could fit in with the crowd.

I stop by Kristie’s hostel to pick her up and am greeted by a nice bald man from the UK.  He is super chilled out and tells me to relax and have a seat.  In a few minutes, we leave and head to try out the famous “Chicken Rice ball” for lunch. After eating it, I was disappointed and Kristie did not understand the hype either, especially since she is vegetarian ha!  

We walked the streets talking about her travels.  I get the famous ice creation with milk, kidney beans, green beans, and cane sugar syrup. It is quite an interesting creation.  She takes the bus with me to the bus station to buy my ticket.  It is very interesting learning about her past relationships and life journey.  She once had a female relationship, which was interesting to learn. She is super free spirited and open minded so this definitely made sense for me. I am not sure why I mention this, but I guess it is just a confirmation of her spirit and open mindedness. I am very happy to have met someone that is just as crazy about life, living, being, and traveling!                                

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