Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Visit to Raffles Hospital Singapore

I had decided to go to the hospital because I thought I had malaria and/or dungue fever. What were my symptoms one may ask? I felt nausea and had an upset stomach throughout the day.  Being the hypochondriac I am I told myself that I had malaria.  I was so excited to go to a nice, clean, top rated hospital in Singapore and I must say I am very thankful for my amazing travel insurance taking care of everything. 
After waiting for about ten minutes in a spotless lobby with a subway and Coffee bean inside, I met with Dr. Ping.   Oh how I love Dr. Ping! She addressed all my crazy concerns and was laughing at me in the process, which most doctors do.  She gave me another rabies vaccine for India, prescribed me anti-malarials for India, and performed blood tests and a standard physical. 

We basically came up with a diagnosis of a traveler’s upset stomach and I was happy that I did not pick up anything from Cambodia.  After all my concerns, she said to me, “Priscilla, are you sure you can be a social worker.”

I laughed and responded, “ Well, I can not help anyone if I am sick so I just want to make sure I am healthy.”

I pondered this statement by her as I have such varied interests or “potentials” a friend of mine put it.  I have such extravagant taste yet I love being outdoors and getting dirt under my fingernails.  I love rooftops and hotels, but I love guesthouses just as much.  I work with populations of people with many illnesses and diseases yet I have difficulty coping with dirt and filfth.

Can I be a social worker? The title of social worker has always bugged me as I grew up wanting to be a clinical psychologist. It is possible to combine both of working in policy to advocate for human rights and do have my clinical hat on where I enjoy psychotherapy in a private practice with others.  I can do both and I will do it.  Now is the time to make a move-to make a name for myself.  I see my natural affects on people-the poor, the sick, the elderly, and children.  They look at me with such hope in their eyes.  One step and one day at a time, I will continue my mission to be of service to others.

As for the germs, I am implementing my own coping strategies to deal with it-aversion therapy being most effective.  If I want to work in third world countries with REAL human beings dealing with REAL problems, I am going to have to face germs, filth, disease, and sickness.  At the end of the day, I just have to let go and remember my life in my higher powers hands.  He will take care of me if I keep living in my purpose. But my issues with germs is a work in progress like any behavior. And I can’t help, but think again and again how am I going to deal with India. 

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