Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

When your life’s purpose is to give yourself to others, you work with people because your heart is fullfilled.   One should not expect things in return at any point and time and rewards and success is natural.  Material gain is not a component of your life's work and if anything it is just an accessory to your purpose.  If one is working just for the material gain and does not enjoy their work, I hope for one to one day move closer to their purpose.  
Lately with the people that have been brought into my life.  I can't help but wonder where all these amazing people are coming from and why I deserve their wonderful hospitality and human goodness.  These people are genuine, hospitable, helpful people that go out of their way for ME.  Often, I sit and ponder their being.  How are their souls so pure and selfless? I give back to others through my work, but I am not nearly as giving and selfless with family and friends. 
And perhaps this is due to the fact I grew up in America.  Where are these selfless people in the USA?How did we become so lost and self absorbed especially in the areas I lived in LA, Orange County, and New York? 

Many of these beautiful people I encounter are sent from my higher power.  These experiences, interactions, smiles, mannerisms, and verbalizing/addressing concerns tune me into his spirit and thankful for my connection with these people.
In time, I realize that it is okay to ask for help.  I actually feel bad when people go out of their way for me, especially strangers or people I am just meeting.  Since a young age, I have been afraid to ask for “help”.  I am strong, independent, and can do it alone.  This is shifting in a beautiful way as human beings all need help at one point or another and it is okay to ask for it.  In my case it is okay to not ask for help and be given help as well.  I am realizing that God is giving me support/help/love through people.  He is showing me a world of beauty with his presence. He is reminding me that I am not alone.  He is showing me that what goes around comes back around... 
Thank you to meeting such wonderful people and thank you to my higher power!

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