Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Singapore and Pleasant Ville

In Singapore, the streets, subways, and buses are immaculate- if you drop a crumb, you feel bad because you know you should be courteous and keep it clean.  The worst crime that happens is someone maybe gets their cell phone stolen.  They are serious against buying, selling, or using drugs, which has strict punishment for drug use.  With a drop of heroine, you get the death sentence.  Although, it is a small country, the principles they have adopted are working. Why can’t the US follow in Singapore’s footsteps?
It is true that the population is significantly less and it may be like comparing apples and oranges, but why can’t we take a look at their system and see what principles are working and why?  Obviously, what the US is doing between the mental health, criminal justice, and health care system is ineffective and costly.  The war of drugs has made a huge dent in the US budget, but we still continue to fight it with addiction still being a big problem.

Being in Singapore was so pleasant and I could not even begin to compare it to the New York.  While learning about Singapore’s political system and their idea of “welfare” it seems to create a better balance between classes.   The government has created subsidized housing for  over 50 percent of the population with limited stigma towards this population.  After 5 years, people are able to own their condo and these people are not labeled or stigmatized as badly as in the US.  In the US, they are separated from working individuals by being placed on welfare including: food stamps and Medicaid all packaged into one.   The stigma that exists with this population may always exist unless restructuring of the system happens. 
Singapore Thumbs up to you.  Keep up the good work!

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