Thursday, February 2, 2012

Associating Money/Materialism with Career Success

From my family visit, I notice that people tend to associate money with success and I continue to see my purpose and career devalued.  From the statement, “Oh that is nice that you do charity work.” My charity work just happens to be a career and newsflash- the positive impact I have on others is incredible.  Empowering individuals to improve their behavior, make lifestyle changes, cope with their addictions/impulses, improve family relations, identify their feelings and suicide prevention etc. How is this not important?

I will tell you how it is not important.  It is not important because as a whole society we do not value these human beings.  We do not care about the poor, the mentally ill, and the handicap.  They are just “poor souls.” And in India, they are not even given a proper label rather they are all just grouped into the handicap. After reading an article about a few patients that escaped from the Institute of Mental health- I was astounded with what I read about. What would God think of our treatment towards this population?

Whether in India, America, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, or Turkey-it is all the same. We do not value the population so we do not value the work.  You want to stop being begged for money or see children prostituting on the street then acknowledge them as people.

Being a doctor has more credibility because it is a money making position.  You are helping others equally as a social service position or even more, but doctors are and always will be more respected than a teacher or social worker. I am not at the bottom of the barrel. I have high potential and ideas to make a difference and I will not let myself just be an ordinary worker.  I am a therapist, a life coach, a motivator, and last come the title of “social worker.”

The medical field comes out on top yet again.  This is just like the psychiatry boom with medicines being preferred to therapy or holistic approaches.  The medical field is helping people.  It is the best and only thing out there-blah! Social service is important and I will not let my career constantly be devalued.  I will try my best to educate these people on the importance, but it comes back to the fact that the system does not recognize these human beings so members of society have little interest in placing value in their being. 

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