Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Golden Temple in the Tibetan Village

Before leaving Madikeri, I did a little exploring and then headed to the Tibetan Village.  I ate some veg momos at a little Tibetan shop and went off to do some meditating in the Golden Temple. 

The Tibetan village had various charities, the Tibetan children village, an an NGO.  It was mainly country farm road and the regular cows and pigs.  Coming back from the temple, I felt tired from walking half way with a backpack the way there so I did like the locals and hitched a ride on the back of a wagon.  I stood there waiving like Miss America to the locals-it was another one of those Kodak moments. 

Back to Bangalore on the bus meant another 6 hours on the local bus.  I was stuffed in the back like a sardine with a bunch of local guys.  I have gotten used to the crammed situation on the buses and I still prefer a crammed local bus to a private one. The experience is adventurous and way more exciting.  On this bus, the conductor made sure I got a seat and I noticed him keep his eyes on my backpack.  I feel safe on the buses and I usually do not worry about someone lifting up my backpack and taking it.  This can happen, but whoever wants to attempt pulling and lifting it out of the crammed bus space, more power to you.  I keep everything that I actually care about on me in my carry on bag and purse so if the backpack is ever stolen-everything inside are just replaceable things. 

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