Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mysor Continued....

Sunday and Monday of Misor were both amazing days. Monday headed off with my buddy, O, to the waterfalls and villages.  My dream came true of going through Misor by motorbike.   We were sharing headphones listening to my ipod cruising through the streets and dodging people left and right.  Again, the villages never seem to be a dull moment.  The farmers signature look is a towel on their head with a durgas tied around their waist and with skinny little legs and bare feet.  It is the cutest thing ever! My friend grew up in a village so none of this phases him at all, but I love every minute of it.  We must have went through ten villages at least and each one was so special. 
Goats, cows, sheep, roosters, and buffalo all being herded together across the road, wagons trailed by the farmers. Indian Santas(men that look like yogis and we call them Indian Santas, Indian benzes(the Indian version of a white Mercedes), kids coming home from school, the fields of gold and green, farmers sitting inside piles of dirt or hay. 

We stopped at two different waterfalls. The first waterfall was my favorite and I went inside and did some swimming.  Being adventurous henz the name of my blog,  I decided to climb up to the top of the waterfall, which was probably not smart as it was pretty slippery and I did slip a couple times.  The men downstairs looked at me like I was crazy and could not believe it.  A woman climbing what was I thinking ha! I made it down and O was shaking his head at me, but did not say I should not have went up.  He is just cool like that where he does not make a big deal of things and just stays quiet-smart guy.  At the bottom of the fall, a bunch of men began to approach me to shake my hand. It was quite entertaining.  People realized I was a foreigner and quickly started approaching and doing the name game.   They took a bow and as we road off the men were standing their waiving goodbye-sweet and amazed with how fascinated they become by American tourists. 

The next waterfall happened to be dry, but the village was far from dry ha!  The woman from the temple shared some rice with me after the ritual ceremony.  They were laughing at my way of arriving up to the temple and saying, "Hello, how are you?" "Naleerkaa."   O and I sipped on some coconuts before hitting the road.  He made sure to take me back a different way so I could see another village.  We stopped to have some tea and I sat and adored an Indian Santa sitting and having tea-melted my heart really. 

We cruised close to the farmers in trucks and I was shouting "Naleerkaa." We were racing past them and I truly felt happiness radiating from their smiles. I felt like a celebrity and loved the interaction with the locals.  Back to Mysore and it was time to get our bags packed because our three’s company was off to Ooty!

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