Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homestay at Little House on the Prarie

Last minute I found a host through S.  S described it as a peaceful home away from the city and I decided on going for it.  I had met the host the night before at Storm and he seemed nice.  HIs name is D(names not mentioned for confidentiality purposes). 

Beautiful place overlooking the mountains with lots of trekking and jungle forests around, cardamom plantations, and coffee plantations with the cutest village and nicest locals.  We ended up getting along and sitting and talking and talking for hours while sharing a bottle of wine by the fire.  Nothing romantic, but just nice conversation with someone who genuinely listened. 

Next day went for my own mini trekking session around town talking with the local family who owns the convenience store in town.  They invited me in for tea and described in one to two word phrases the coffee making process.  Their hut had a few different rooms and roosters in the back.  Meeting some local kids by the school, we were trying to communicate in Kannada, but they had difficulty understanding me. 

Another nice quite night with my host talking and then taking a break to enjoy the silence.  He likes to keep a peaceful, silent home and I think that is wonderful and it suits his home very well.  I felt like I was talking and talking and talking, but I just felt comfortable with him listening and I enjoyed our conversations. I was sharing many of my theories, writings, and beliefs.  He was supportive of my thoughts and offered some constructive criticism for me, which is often hard to accept, but I am learning to take it as a just a spoonful of medicine. Thank you D for everything!


The mother of the family I met-such a sweetheart


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