Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Amongst a noisy street of Bangalore lies an amazing creation with steps and steps leading to the main temple of Iskan where poojas are performed every ten minutes and the spirit inside is alive.  When you walk the steps of the temple to the top, you are suppose to chant at each step.

Hare Krisha, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krisha, Hare Hare , Hare rama, hare rama, Rama rama hare hare

There are about 50 or more steps before you reach the top.  Being a nerd, I had to chant on each step to get myself into the tradition of things.  The good thing is that I always want to push myself to learn, explore, and in this case-truly feel what a devotee of Krisha feels being part of their religious activity. 

For pooja, you place your hand over the flame then touching your forehead 3 times, then they give you flowers that you place in your pocket or some people eat(guess that depends on how religious you are), give you holy water/milk to drink or sprinkle on yourself, and some rice to eat.Then you make a circle around Krishna three times clockwise and you bow down to the floor. Many men lay their whole body down on the ground with their face towards the ground making kissing motions to Krishna. The preacher in the front makes you feel welcome and included in the pooja.It is beautiful to see the faces of the participants.They are so in love with Krishna and this is clearly visible by their facial expression and non-verbal gestures.I definitely love the temples in India more than the Buddhist temples.I feel more connected and it is more individualized when you are able to participate in the ceremonies every half an hour or so.I ended up going to three different temples.I am very proud of my temple consistent temple visits and pooja participation.

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