Friday, February 10, 2012

Eating with the HANDS

For the past month, I have been eating with my hands and I love it.  I never loved utensils and eating with my hands is quite liberating. It is nice to feel the texture of the foods in your hands and observe the variety of colors mixing together, especially items mixed with rice. Everyone is eating with their hands, enjoying their food, and noone is judging you(as long as you are following the Indian food code). 
It is fascinating to observing others eating. They are so focused on the meal in front of them and spend time preparing the food together.  The style of eating can vary state to state and especially between North and South India.  Mixing specific items together is acceptable, but it depends on what you are mixing hence the Indian food code.  It is a beautiful to sit on the floor and enjoy a nice meal with family or even at a table with all the dishes prepared and everyone’s hands getting ready to enjoy. 
At first, my cousin’s cousin was making fun of me because I was eating with two fingers.  Now I have improved to eating with four fingers and I have also improved on mixing the rice.  When an Indian mixes their curry with their rice, they really put some effort into it.  They constantly mix and mix and rotate the plate, especially with curds.  It really is interesting to watch and I admire their work and dedication to this process as I like to just start eating right away ha!

GO India-keep using those beautiful hands to cook amazing food and enjoy!

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