Friday, February 10, 2012

Mosquitors Just Can't Get Enough

The mosquito bites on my whole entire trip have been horrible. They have been so bad that I contemplate getting laser surgery done.  My legs are one of my best assets and now I keep them covered when I can.  I like keeping my legs covered, but there my legs are seen in a bathing suit or when running.   The sun has tanned my skin creating white marks and bruises. The scarring does not look lady like rather it looks masculine.  I just want to go back in time and have my previous legs back. 
Yes my friends this is my superficial post so take it and run with it.  I am thankful I do not have mosquitos attacking my face or arms, but I do not want them anywhere on my body.  A recommendation for a traveler would be to not buy mosquito repellant with 35 percent deet because it is completely ineffective.  I should have been using what I used in US, which was 100 percent deet. It stinks and it is very strong to inhale, but it is effective.  This mistake costs me the exterior of both my legs.  The damage is already done so I have to deal with it.  I could not have legs at all and I understand that, but I am being real and expressing my feelings appropriately. 
When traveling protect yourself from these vicious things and follow all appropriate measues.
1.) Mosquito net (I have one and have only used it a couple times due to laziness)
2.) 100 percent deet mosquito repellant and cream
3.) Mosquito repellant plug in adaptor
4.) Sleep with Legs and Arms fully covered
5.) Mosquito apparel available at sporting/outdoor stores

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