Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are pictures capturing the real moment for us?

The saying goes that a picture can tell a thousand words.   Does the picture actually tell a story about the moment or does writing make your moment come alive? Pictures can provide us with feeling words to associate with moments.  It may provide us with a snap of what people, places, and landmarks look like.  Although, pictures do not have any words, a person can create their own vision based off a photo. We snap photos to hold onto beautiful moments whether at a festival, event, concert, birthday, wedding, or travel destination. We snap photos to capture moments that make us feel happy and joyful. 
But lately, I have been questioning the art of photography.  I have always loved photography since a young age and I always will, but now with my strong interest and passion for writing I consider how much I am photographing vs. how much I am writing.

Losing my camera many times I have to question the meaning to understand the message being relayed from my higher power.  It appears that focusing on my writing should be prioritized vs. taking photos.  The camera is taken away for me to focus more on the moment, the interpersonal interaction, and to build on my relationship with others through writing. 

Taking many photos does not always enhance an experience and can distract you from the real message. I have realized that too many photos of one thing are unnecessary and many things just require a real experience. If you are truly experiencing a moment for what it is without a photo then you can always go back and enjoy that time.

Somethings are not meant to be photographed-they are meant to be experienced –PRIS-

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