Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coping with Inefficiency In India

Inefficiency is one thing that I have identified as a pet peeve in my life.  I identify how and why it makes me feeling annoyed and I meditate to calm myself,  but at the end of day-inefficiency annoys me. 

When traveling one has to make sacrifices for efficiency, but one definitely has to make some serious sacrifices in India.  Going from high efficiency to low efficiency is not a simple task. New York is definitely not perfect, but they move faster and more efficient there than most places.  Again, our behavior does not change overnight so the inefficiency and rate of production takes some serious adjusting to, which some say takes months or even a few trips to India. 

It is normal to experience culture shock when making such a tremendous switch between two cultures, but people should be mindful of this switch rather than judging. When traveling, give people a chance to become adjusted.  Do not just expect people to adapt immediately and follow the culture perfectly.  We are human beings that are constantly learning and evolving with new experiences.  We can grow from these experiences, but we need to learn from them and make real comparisons.   As a traveler, we are responsible to ask questions, be open minded, and be aware of these differences.  But it takes time because,

                                    Our behavior does not change overnight.  

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