Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The trip highlights from there on consist of our threes company going to the tea factory and having some tea while eating some chocolate and vanilla birthday cake, sipping on masala and chocolate tea in the plantation, meeting young kids asking to take photos with me, meeting Mr. Pimp daddy age 10-the CSI investigator who was wondering why I did not have a boyfriend ha! The cab driver who tells me, “The sunset is not available in Ooty,” but we manage to find our own little sunset my Valley view point.  The botanical gardens with millions of people asking for photos, running through the hills replaying Tamil music videos in our way, singing Indian hits, and watching music videos while sipping on non-alcoholic wine and eating grapes, the guru temple, breaking the Indian limits by playing in the waterfall and swimming in Pykara lake, water meditation session, the most amazing tasting carrots and Ooty apples, piggy back rides through the pine forest, plotting how to find an American woman for Salman Khaan, boat ride on the lake, horseback riding around Ooty lake for 10 minutes until the horse decides he does not want me on anymore and lifts up and almost throws me off, more tea plantations and villages, the nicest family at our guesthouse, perfect weather, my burnt red nose like Rudolph, trekking around the lake, shopping in town, and making fun of Salmaan Khan for calling his girlfriend all the time, walking through the rose gardens smelling the petals, falling asleep on the grass, and laughing a whole bunch.  We had such a great time together.  There was never once a problem or disagreement-just a great, friendly dynamic between us.  Miss them!
Leaving Ooty we decide to make a stop at the Bandipur National Park for a safari.  In the parking lot, a group of school age boys all wearing Ray ban sunglasses and ties are sitting on their phones.  I approach them and start talking to them and we take photos together.  The boy pulls out some snacks and a whole bunch of monkeys start coming.  I run back to the boys as I do not need a monkey attack tagged on to my insurance costs.  The one boy is brave and shoves the monkey away with a stick.  It is always quite interesting when the monkey’s try to get food because they are quite clever about it.  They ended up getting away with some chips ha!
The safari did not happen because the park ranger said that no one has seen an animal at all today and he recommends we save our money and come back during peak season.  We decide to take his advice because it makes no sense and I have to make it back because I have plans to go to the music festival anyways.  Tigers, lions, and bears another time I guess.

Ooty Main Highlights
Pykara Lake
Nilgris Nayaagra
Devils Down
Pine Forest
School Valley
Pykara Dam
9th miles
Ooty Lake
Rose garden
Botanical Garden
Famous Chocolates
Horseback Riding
Deer Park
Amazing Views
The Guru Temple recently built
The Tea factory and plantations
Valley View point
Reflection Guesthouse overlooking Ooty Lake with nice view, nice travelers, and awesome ginger honey tea and scrambled eggs masala highlight*

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