Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Storm Music Festival 2012

Storm is the first outdoor music festival for Coorg. A post was put up on couchsurfing and I volunteered to go with a felllow CSer from Bangalore.   Another cser drove from Bangalore with us and his name is Beru.  B is older with a dry sense of humor that I love-another great dynamic right off the bat.  We went to breakfast and had some Channa porri. We were making jokes about my horrible customer service and not being able to get coffee without sugar.  The waiter smiled for his mistake and then proceeded to give me a pack of napkins-oh india!
We get to the festival super early and it turns out it is top security since it is the first outdoor festival in Coorg.  They have more security than an airport and we are forced to get rid of a lot of things including: the oranges.  We just bought these fresh oranges I was so excited about eating and they were confiscated! You can take B’s medication, you can take my liter of water, but please don’t take the oranges! I manage to sneak in a packet of cashews.  While going through maximum security I manage to meet a nice girl from Bombay and her friend from Bangalore. 

We make it inside and get all set up in our tents. We chillax and watch the daytime bands, which were 70 percent good.  One band specifically was awesome.  We got up and danced in a circle, their costumes were unique and colorful, and the instruments were amazing.  I did not understand the words at all, but it really did not matter. It is about feeling connected with the rhythm and beat. 
B is quite relaxed during the day and Sam is always snapping photos of the artists and this leaves me to go around and socialize a bit with others.  I happened to meet my favorite people at night.  With the main band on rocking out, I was jumping up and down with the crowd loving the sounds. 

                              Indian Oceans- Incredible Band

Next to me stands an adorable chunk of love swinging his arms to the music and singing out loud.  He is an Indian dream come true-just so innocent and adorable.  He explains to me who the band is and speaks in such a proud yet humble manner.  We start dancing with one another jumping up and down and laughing.  He is moving his arms and head constantly-him dancing is a total vision-adorable.  We went to the drink area where I met his friends and the rest is history.  About seven of us all hit it off and danced the night away.  We went into the tent area listening to one of the band members play guitar while everyone sits around in a circle singing along a bunch of original and meaningful tracks ranging from the doors to the beatles to u2.   I was talking with the security guards and made friends with the bartender ha!  Since I had a special relationship with my friend Kumar, I was engaging with them in peer pressure to get him drunk.  We told him beer was apple juice and vodka and sprite was lemon soda.  He took my cup and ended up chugging my whole vodka soda, which was good because I have no desire to drink vodka(first time in a few months I engaged in drinking hard alcohol).   He then proceeded to drink some beer.  Before we know it, Kumar was tipsy dancing around-it was quite hilarious.  He made a drunk friend and they were sitting and talking nonsense.  This is why I love being sober for entertaining moments like this.  

They were so strict on security that once the bar closed at 10:30 they had the security guards stand in front of the bar in a row blocking the bar like a marching band ha! Since I do not care about alcohol, I did not care they closed the bar. As long as music is there, I am content. Such a great night!

I decided that it is time for Kumar to go to bed.  I tuck him in his tent and say “Good night Kumar.” Sitting by the campfire with the boys, I see someone in a yankees cap and wool sweater walk toward me.  My Kumar escaped from the tent and was out on the prowl ha!

Next day was a bit slow with the bands so I did some writing and finished my book.  My buddy, Kumar, sat with me for a bit and did not discuss his drinking the night before.  He was in this thing called denial ha!   The bands after 6pm came in and the group of myself and the ten boys met up again.  We all began to dance inside for DJ Judge Jules who was surprisingly awesome.  Very little alcohol for everyone and just amazing energy with the whole crowd.  My cute little kid crush asked me to dance, which I thought was cute. 23 years old, but something just cute about him. 

It was nice making new friends, especially with the two guys who created and ran the whole event.  I realized when the one guy came on stage, Satchie, I had been chatting with him throughout the festival.  He even found my camera case for me.  For their first outdoor festival, they really did a  great job and I give them props.  And they win for the CLEANEST FESTIVAL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! Super impressed with the lack of litter, the clean bathrooms, always toilet paper, and good quality food rather than junk. 

Back we went to the tents for a campfire, singing, corn on the cob, veg korma, but no alcohol. There was a rumor that their would be alcohol served to campers after 10pm.  False promises in India? Nooo way! Ha!

Chilled out night around the camp fire and off to bed to do some Coorg exploring the next day.

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