Friday, February 10, 2012

The Best Cooking Comes from Home because Home is where the Heart Is..

Over 90 percent of the food that I have been eating has been with family or inside other’s home. I have eaten at some excellent restaurants as well, but in my opinion the home made food is the best. 
I enjoyed cooking some fish curry with my Aunt and learning how to make dosa.That is the extent of my Indian cooking skills so far.Most of the dishes I eat I have never had at an Indian restaurant in the US as they are authentic and delicious.  Every day my family wakes up and cooks fresh in the morning. If you open up an Indian cupboard you will find spices.  If you open up an American’s cabinet you will find cans and packages.The level of freshness and the mixing of spices is incredible.Bring on the spice India, I love it!!!

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