Thursday, February 2, 2012


Reading my book titled Dharma by Swami Prabhupada, which I bought from Iskan temple-it ties back to my previous posts on letting go of materialism.
He says, “Knowledge and detachment are two important factors on the path of transcendental realization. The whole spiritual process leads to perfect knowledge of everything material and spiritual, and the results of such perfect knowledge are that one becomes detached from material affection and becomes attached to spiritual activities.”

Materialism can be toxic to our soul and it can make us lose focus from what is truly important-our spirituality and love for our higher power.  “When entrapped by the material nature, the soul adopts various artificial dharmas based on false identification with the body.” 
One’s true identify can be hidden by materialism limiting their potential as a human being-PRIS

The ability to detach from materialism is what holds strength and power.  If you are able to identify your connection to materialsm- your phone, face book, television, and music.  One is gaining an insight into their behavior, which has potential to lead to behavioral change with behavioral modification.   Identifying ones feelings about materialism-try making a list of what feelings are present with materialism (just feeling states).  How are these feeling states associated with your materialstic desires i.e. buying shoes, having an IPAD, having a BMW, etc.  Was your mother or father into materialistic things? Are you presenting with similar tendencies?

Performing group therapy, I performed many psycho educational exercises surrounding materialism and it helped not only my clients, but it helped me detach from materialism and work based off my needs rather than my wants. 

Dharma goes into deep discussion of other topics, but this detachment from materialism is significant as a devotee.  We have love for many things in life, but where is your love for God.  Is it lost because of material distraction or do you find a disconnect between you and your higher power? Someone does not need to be spiritual or religious to detach from materialism.  Like anything  in life, it is a human choice.  Make a new choice today. 

The root meaning of Dharma is “that which sustains one’s existence.” How is your existence being impacted by your environment around you? What is left as the independent and dependent variables of your life’s existence? Are you happy with your existence? Why are you happy and why are you not happy? Live and examine your life.  It is a beautiful one and now is your time. PRIS

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