Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Cute Family That owns the Grocery Store

In Mysor, there is a supermarket that I went into a few times and everytime I went in I would be talking to a new family member.  The whole family consists of the mother and father and their 6 kids who all work together in the grocery store.  At around 9:30pm, they start locking up the store and 10pm they have their belongings gathered up and they all pack into their truck and waive "goodbye." This seems simple and common for family's to have businesses together, but it is a representation of the beauty of "unity."
In India, unity is present from family to famiy I interact with from state to state.  The villages are most especially filled with unity whether it is running a family business, having meals together,, engaging in labor or domestic tasks, or a religious/special event.  Their affection towards one another is genuine and caring.  Sons and daughters have curphews and come home to eat their meals together.  When they spend time with their family, they do it with love.  It is not something forced, annoying, or just checked off a list of things to do. 

From the beginning of my trip in Thailand to now, the unity grows and it demonstrates how positively this can impact the behavior of children.  With unity and a strong feeling of support, these children develop with positive attachement, good role models, and life skills that can not be taught through a book.  They have manners, self disipline, and develop work ethic at a young age.  It encourages them to work and stay out of trouble away rather than being negatively influenced by their environment. 
In the US, the materialism is highly shifting children away from their family and towards technology and materialistic things.   Unity, family, and community are solid influences that are slowly chipping away like dry paint.  It is unfortunate that these children are growing up missing out on components that provide consistency and stabiiity, which is essential to child's development.  Where did the unity go in America? And will they ever get it back?

Of course, there are negative factors impacting the unity in Asia and many orphans and street children left without proper family role models.  The unity concept applies to family, friends, organizations/NGOs, and schools.  It is present within the culture, which positively impact it's environmental factors.  Every culture or society has it's strengths and weaknesses, Asia's strenght is unity and this can significantly make a difference in a child's life. 

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