Friday, February 10, 2012

That's Not my Name

Meeting so many people on a daily basis, I am learning way to many names to remember them all.  The thing with names is that you are able to remember what is learned.  For instance, in US my friends names were Sarah, Jennifer, Alicia, John, Mike, etc. It is easy to remember names of your own language because you are used to the pronunciation.  Having to remember a name like, Voganomdula, is difficult because my memory is not accustomed to hearing names like that.  Rather that just blaming it on pronunciation, I can say that it is my poor memory that is also at fault. 
Many people who speak of name recollection say they are either good or bad at it.  I like to think that I am somewhere in the middle, but this trip I am way below average.  Writing it down helps tremendously so that is what I am trying to do, but that is not always possible. 

In Bangalore, I was introduced to many of my cousin’s friends that I saw a few different times and there are very few names I can remember.  It is so embarrassing and also disappointing for myself to look stupid and ask about people through description.  I am twenty seven years old, not five, this inexcusable in my mind. 

As for my name, I have tried to make it easy for people by telling them they can call me, “Pris.” Sometimes people like to keep trying with Priscilla and it turns into Brazilla, Pursalla, and Pasalla.  It is quite cute and entertaining for me and I take no offence, especially with my D- name recollection. 
Sorry new friends for my poor name recollection and pronunciation of cities I have visited. People say my pronunciation is very good, but I think they are just being nice. I need to get the Seven Seas supplements going and some extra fish oil!

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