Friday, February 10, 2012

1 Dosa, 2 Dosa, 3 Dosa, 1lb, 2lb, 3lb

So I have been enjoying the food in India a little bit too much.  When I first arrived in India, my Aunt said, “Do not worry, just be happy and enjoy, so I did.” I enjoyed eating 5 meals a day and eating a bunch of sweet deserts when they are available- I love the Indian sweets and different creations involving coconut milk, carrot, noodles, fruits, and nuts.  The different dishes consisting of rice, beans, and vegetables are so good.  What I do not eat in protein(since I went vegetarian) I make up for in carbohydrates. 
Basically, I have been eating with my family and with my family I accept all food.  I have tried to say I just want one dosa and then I have two or three dosas put on my plate.  I am not in the US and I do not want to insult them by declining food so I just eat it.  I also want to prove that I love Indian food, I love spice, and that I do not waste food. 
There was an occasion where the maids(helpers) put a bunch of fried items on my plate when I declined them.  I did not want to eat these fried tasteless puffs that were catered in so I tried to sneak them in the garbage.  The next day my Aunt is telling me not to waste food.  The maids told on me, which I knew they were going to do. 

I truly do not believe in wasting food and especially with my strong spiritual base and love for people-I am aware of hunger, malnourishment, and starvation.  I am not in Switzerland or Italy, I am in India where some are lucky to even get one meal per day.  I am aware to my food consumption because my dad told me growing up, “Do not waste food.” It was engrained in my head and working constantly with those who have less, you have to be mindful of these things. 
So back to the amazing Indian food, I knew that eating rice, dosas, and a lot of starch would add on weight and it did. With each dosa has come an extra pound. It is not the food itself, but limited activity due not being as active as I was in Southeast Asia.
Everything is good in moderation and with some yoga, increased running, and limiting food consumption-India and I will work together to keep my body healthy and I will try to stop eating everything in sight ha!

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