Monday, April 30, 2012

You Look Nepali

I am often hearing from people, "You Look Nepali."
I find this fascinating that I am like a chameleon adapting to the new places where I am. Looking at the Nepalese woman, I do not think I look Nepalese at all, but it is nice they think so.  Sometimes I hear my face shape looks Neplali, my smile is Nepali, and recently someone said my body is "strong like a Nepali woman." This was a good choice of words because I am tired of being called "fat" or "big."

People are definitely associating my facial features and body types with a Nepalese woman.  Even when I wear sunglasses and a big hat, I hear that I look Nepalese.  This Nepalese look gives me local discounts and free entry.  It is a nice perk I must say and I do not mind adapting to my local Nepali environment and learning the true culture. 

A couple other new ones are, "You look Israeli." and the one that was the most suprising was, "You look German." Walking through Lumbini in the garden wearing my sunglasses and hat a man starts speaking German and says, "Oh sorry,you look German." How I look German with a sun hat and black Dior sunglasses I have no idea.

I just joke around where I go that I am a cocktail mix or a masala mix. Happy to adapt to the environment I am by spirit, but also my physical transformation ha!

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