Friday, April 6, 2012

Hike up Triund 2975 meters

I woke up in the morning and it was the perfect day to hike-perfect.  For the past few days, it had been cold and overcast weather with many clouds. This day was meant for a long, self reflective hike.  I started off with a long walk through the town being extra polite saying, “Good morning and smiling extra big.” What can I say I woke up with God on my side.  I enjoyed a piece of fresh banana bread and Chai and then took off to the trail with some water, trail mix, and a couple oranges.
With everyone telling me it is better to have a guide up to Trivund, I just ignored them because I really could not tell them the truth.  The truth is that I already have a guide-my higher power and being out in nature is our best time.


The air had a chill, but it became warm while walking up the steep hills.  Monks walk up to the temple near by, kids are walking down to school, birds are chirping, the pine trees are full of monkeys, and every 5 kilometers comes Himalayan Chai.  It is quite the reflective time for me as my mind is overloaded with business ideas, theories, and things to do. 

The sun is shining the weather is sweet-makes you want to move and dance- Bob Marley
I am enjoying every single second of my time with nature.  The red and pink lilys and orchids are in full bloom.  Their petals lie underneath my feet as I am walking up the hills.  It is beautiful to see the petals just lying in a path one after the next. 

Being like a warrior and competitor, I was passing up people ahead of me. I always want to be in the lead and ahead of the game ha!   I approached a bit of snow, then more snow, then hiking through piles of snow, which was tough not to slip with gym shoes but I managed.  I was walking and saw a fellow hiker approaching with his dog following along.  I smiled at the dog and his face becomes angry and vicious.  He comes up close right onto my legs and naturally I respond with fear and fall back right into the big pile of snow. 
“Sorry, she is just being friendly," says the owner.   
“I smile fakely and say, “That’s okay.” I had just managed to not fall in the snow and then I fall down from a dog-oh Priscilla. 
Up and up I go, I am beginning to wonder when the end is coming and wonder why I have to always take the challenge.  I could have just stopped at the Magic point-the half way point. 

Up and up windy and curvy rocky paths(the whole thing was more like rock climbing with very little flat, road paths), I arrive at the top and “Ahhhh.” It is heaven up there- the Himalayas are covered in snow and it feels surreal- so close to them yet they are still so far away. Some hikers are camped out at the top, which is an option I think I should have considered. 

After some trail mix and oranges, I was reenergized and I hopped down the mountain like a singing and dancing monkey.  I had my IPOD and I was singing aloud, feeling ALIVE, anyone could hear my singing and watch my stupid dance moves and I did not care.  It was just me and nature (my higher power) going down the mountain together.  I was even dancing Salsa and almost swung myself right over the edge ha!  These Punjabi boys were trying to keep up with me trailing behind me seeing me from the sides of the mountain dancing and laughing at me.  I am glad I can serve as entertainment-free entertainment for all-no rupee good cost for Indians ha!

Elevation is the perfect song because my soul is truly lifted to a higher place when I am with nature.  It my quality time staring up at the sky letting the sunshine on my face and letting my higher power feel and touch my heart.  Does this sound cliché and weird to you?  If you are not a believer or do not experience this, you will be pessimistic, skeptical, and you will not understand. 

Towards the end my  energy ran low, I had not had an all day trek in a while and my body began to shut down.  I started to drag my feet and what appeared to be an end seemed to never be an end. I made it down in one piece, but my feet and body were actually tired I must say. 

Three and half hours up and two hours down the mountain.  Everyone in town says it takes 4 hours to go up and 3 hours to come down-this is Indian time-Priscilla time is different ha!  It actually would have been less time, but I stopped to meditate on the way up for 15 minutes, but who is counting. Oh wait I am counting ha!

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