Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stop and Put your Hands Where I can See Them

Usually, you would hear this from a police offier, but I had to say this in India and I have to say it in Nepal.  Cooking in the kitchen, I found that the boys do not wash their hands and I had to remind them to wash the cuttting board, clean the counter befor making chapati, and after sometimes I just gave up.  Cooks are going to do what they want to do based off their usual responses to cleanilness. 
India loves to put their hands on everything.  Even if you order something in a package, they might just open it up for you to put their hands on it-they love utilzing the hands!
Nepal has appeared to be a bit better, but still I "Stop and Put your hands where I can see them!" 
Up the nose, wiping the sweat, coughing-you have got it all when you are eating out and not preparing your own food.  Oh how I miss my routine food preparation.  I can say it again, Oh how I miss my routine food preparation and vitamin intake-so important to me.

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