Friday, April 6, 2012

Temple Money to Save India?

If home is where the heart is for Western society, then temples are where the heart is for India.  The amount of time, effort, dedication, and materialistic funds towards religious temples, mainly Hindu temples, is incredible.  Buddhist, Siek, Muslim,  Jain, temples do not seem to have such elaborate rituals and offerings. With a theory that spirituality and religion is what drives India-it makes perfect sense why they put all their time, money, and effort into temple rituals and worship. 
Tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds all being given at different times.  In Church, there is usually one specific time where they collect donations.  In the temples, there are multiple times they are collecting money-in the front of the temple, inside the temple, and during the pooja ceremonies.  Depending on the temple, the pooja ceremonies take place in front of different gods, which you always place an offering during pooja.  One does not have to give anything, but most people give something.  All this money collected day in and day out-where is it all going? When I ask locals, they say it is going towards the food for the temple, the local work on the temple, and making the temple an extra shiny gold.

Seriously, I never get any responses that give me any satisfaction.  Is the money going towards charities? How much money is going towards charities? This is something I will be researching and will re-post on what I find. 

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