Friday, April 6, 2012

Letting The Palm Speak my Fate

Staying in my ashram, I met my priest friend from Delhi.  He had such a cute sense of humor and welcomed me to his home in Delhi.  He opens my palm and says, “Wow, you have some life.” Even though, I was about to head out the door, I was obviously curious to hear more about my life.  He says that he has a proper book to read my hand and my name in his room. 
Back up the stairs I go with my new friend to have my hand read.  Sitting on the bed, I sit with the priest, a fellow priest, and other jolly man (English translator)-all from Delhi working at the same temple. They came to engage in some poojas on the Ganga and see the waterfalls.    My cute, little friend has me write down my name and birthday and my favorite perfume? He has a piece of paper and begins to write in Sanskrit “X”ing off various points as I answer his questions.

He keeps on responding with big expressions with his eyes widening saying, “Ahhh yes.” He is able to accurately read my family relationships, personality and enjoyment of life, and he has particular interest in my love relationships.  I personally would have liked to hear about my career success, but instead I heard about his interest in attending my wedding! He says there has been past boyfriends, but my present love interest is the one for me.  The other priest was flipping through the pages of the book translating to my priest.  My priest just kept shaking his head saying, “Ohh yes this guy is a real good one for you.” “He very smart and successful too like you.”

My priest unfolded a few other facts of my life, but I will keep some privacy rather than giving it all away.  It was a simple reading that confirmed there is something true that I can not deny because astrology and the universe may just be on our side….

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