Friday, April 6, 2012

His Holiness- Dalai Lama-Spiritual Autobiography

The Dalai Lama brings light to the real situation that has occurred in Tibet for the past 50 years and the battle with the Chinese that continues on today. 

From a Seventeen point agreement to a Five point peace plan to a Middle way policy, it all has the same base of compromise, democratization, and acknowledgement of Tibetan spirituality and religious identity.  The Dalai Lama is consistently clear in his passions towards leading Tibetans towards their freedom.  With many living in exile in India, Tibetans have created their own  “Little Tibet” having community centers, schools, and monasteries in the Dhamasala region. 

Across the border in the real Tibet, over 70 percent of the monasteries have been destroyed, Chinese language is taking over, and many Tibetans are just conforming to Chinese communism.  Many are giving up the battle and those that are still fighting are trying to escape through the Himalayans with many not making it to the border of India.  Tibetans seek to express their true religious identity, speak their own language, and be free within their own country.  Monks, nuns, children, and families are killed and many deported to regions of China to engage in child labor and conform to Chinese culture. 

The Dalai Lama leads his people towards a nonviolent approach where as China believes in violence and the use of weapons.  The Chinese, in my opinion and that of the Dalai Lama, violated the human rights of the Tibetans in various ways, shapes, and forms.  They have tortured, burned, decapitated bodies, burned religious artifacts from centuries ago, and taken away the human qualities that all individuals are entitled to have in life.  After bloodshed warfare in Lhasa, the Chinese government agreed to “improve its actions towards religious and ethnic groups while maintaining social harmony and stability.” This does not seem to be the case. I believe the Chinese government needs to have acknowledgment that Tibetans are not Chinese.  Tibetans are Tibetans.  They speak  their own language, have their own religion, schools, rituals, traditions, and different behavior/mannerisms.  If the Chinese are not going to acknowledge this basic fact, then the warfare and battle may just continue for years more to come.  Tibetans can survive independently from China-they can and they will-just keep fighting Tibet.

Hold on to the HOPE Tibet and PERSISTENCE.  Your time will come… Your time will come PRIS

What was beautiful for me was the pure love and compassion that Dalai Lama has for the Chinese.  He still calls them his brother and sisters and he reports not having any hatred towards them.  The Dalai Lama approaches all matters of hate and violence with compassion.  Throughout reading, I had some doubt and felt his beliefs were a bit idealistic.  As each year passed, he introduced a new plan that involved the same word peace.  His Tibetan people said they also had difficulty with the lack of acknowledgement towards the Chinese aggressive and violent approaches.  It comes from being a true Buddhist and a leader since the young age of sixteen years old.  This compassion and peace comes from his blood and his persistence goes on until his death.  The message that he also relayed with this battle for Tibet’s independence is the strong belief in hope.

Some other good points from the Dalai Lama…..

Anger is Weakness

“Transforming the mind involves first learning to know it, then identifying how it functions so as to eliminate the three mental poisons which are IGNORANCE, DESIRE, AND HATRED. 

All we need is compassion and love

I pray for a More Loving Human Family by the Dalai Lama

Even when I meet a stranger

Each time I have the same feeling

He is another member of my human family

Such an attitude deepens

My affection and respect for all beings.

May this natural loving kindness

Become my small contribution to world peace

I pray for a world that is more friendly,

More loving, and for a better understanding

Among the human family, on this planet

That is the appeal I make from the bottom of my heart

To all those who hate suffering

And cherish lasting happiness


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