Thursday, April 12, 2012

Patience Running Out and Lights are Out

Towards the end of India, my patience was like a car really running on low fuel.  I can not specifically explain each and every circumstance, but I can say that,”It is always something….”
At Shanti guesthouse, where I basically just showered and kept my luggage until my departure, I met my local friend from San Francisco. Adam from San Francisco gave me confirmation that I was not losing my mind.  This was perfect timing for this confirmation-perfect timing.  God brings people to meet me and sends me messages through people, things, experiences, nature, etc.   The day in Varanasi had beautiful elements, but people were really, I mean really testing my patience. When I pass God’s tests, it is steps towards self improvement and brings me closer to him.  When I fail, I am demonstrating weakness and disappointing my higher power. 

My friend Adam had been traveling in India for six months and he shared his same feelings that his patience has run out.  He was also surprised by his "unholy" moments in Varanasi.  Adam also made comparisons between Indians and seven year old children.  In India,people mean well, but something is always out of stock, wrong information, something is not functioning, or in many cases-the lights go out!

Chatting with Adam for a bit, I had to leave to cetch my train in the complete darkness. Going through the alleys with huge stairs, cracks in the road, no lights, and a backpack-this is a lot of fun.  Thankfully I met a local and hopped on his motor bike.  Taking a motor bike ride at night IN VARANSI is definitely not a smart move, but walking through the alleys with no lights is dangerous and also difficult.  God brought me on the bike of a religious, family man.  Like many of the locals I am blessed to meet, he safely brought me to the train station and even helped me find a money exchange at 10pm.

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