Friday, April 13, 2012

Elephant Bathing, Feeding, And Bike Riding

My days spent here have been so relaxing.  My hut is located right on the river where I go sit in the gazebo area to read, write, and watch the elephants being bathed in the river.  The elephants bath at the same time each day.  I once bathed an elephant in Laos and now was a good opportunity to participate in Nepal.
When bathing, I spent more time in the water than on the elephant because my elephant was taking a real proper bath laying on his right side, then his left side, and thoroughly cleaning out his trunk by spraying water onto my head.  Priscilla gets matched with her elephant-the smart, hygienic one.  Our bathing time runs short only about fifteen minutes because she has safaris she has to attend to-elephant has a busier schedule that I do ha!

Making friends with the elephant master I also feed the elephants.  The elephant caretaker of this 60 year old elephant is so sweet.  He looks at the elephant with such adoration like he is staring right at his own child.  When I feed my big friend, I just sit and watch him chew.  It is surprising to see the cleanliness of an elephant’s mouth.  As I feed her, I just stare at her, pet her, and just admire her beauty.  She is pregnant and should be delivering her baby elephant in a months times.  I love the quality time I am spending with the elephants.   What would it be like to just take care of elephants all day for a living? My friend from Thailand was being certified to lead elephant tours and safaris.  What a relaxing, care-free kind of life?

Biking through the cultural villages, people are working in the fields, working on their homes, they are always WORKING. You rarely see them sitting there and filing their nails. These people in the villages engage in REAL work.  People in America think that sitting in an air conditioned cubicle in front of a computer for ten hours is hard work.  Go sit outside in 100 degree weather working in rice field, cut up a goat, or move piles of stones and engage in construction-real work by real human beings. And most of this people you will never hear complain about their work rather they just engage in their work with a smile day in and day out. 

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