Friday, April 6, 2012

Syria and Two Countries of Bloodshed Warfare

SYRIA AND TIBET- Destroying Two Countries and Two Hearts

My heart goes out to Syria and Tibet for their fight towards independence.  It is difficult to imagine such inhumane cruelty and extreme warfare in recent times of today.  With the power and resources we have in the world, why is there so much suffering among innocent human beings.  These people just want freedom.  The Dalai Lama addresses key points to our human behavior towards others.  As a world of ONE, we lack human regard for our fellow neighbors, friends, and countries.  Until we have respect for one another and a positive regard for the lives of others, we may just continue to live in violence, war, and negativity. 

What is going to happen to these countries if the warfare continues and they continue to adopt such violent and maladaptive approaches?

Growing up in America, I grew up privileged and walking around with an American passport, I am still priviledged. 

Walking the streets speaking my mind,

Independence to work and study at my leisure,

Ability to engage and learn from other cultures

Speaking English and learning new languages to communicate

Traveling the world with high respect from others

International job flexibility

Express my spirituality and religious identity freely

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