Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Do not Feel Like Volunteering

Wanting silence and wanting to just read and write-I really do not want to volunteer. Also, I am on ground breaking theories forming in my head and I need to just be writing, but instead I am forcing myself to volunteer. Also, I spent 7 days in Chitwan and was itching to leave and go to the next city.  If I had volunteered earlier in my stay it would have been better. 
Before staying with Joki La, I thought about just canceling our arrangement and leaving Sunday. 
God said, "No, Priscilla you stay put and follow through with your committment."
What happens on Sunday? There is a Maoist bus strike and ALL BUSES OUT OF CHITWAN ARE CANCELLED.  Okay, okay  I get it. 
There was a delay on my volunteering because the school was closed Monday so again I thought okay maybe I can just leave and not start my volunteering and explain that I just was not fully committed.  I am thinking this in my head and expressing my concerns to Joki La and asking about the bus schedule to head to Lubhini.  It is possible for me to make the bus, but then JOKI LA'S BIKE GETS A FLAT TIRE and we are sitting and changing it at the local station for an hour. I sit and shake my head. Okay, I understand. Sign number 2.
This is my life a series of signs, symbols, confirmations from my higher power.. I managed to stay in Chitwan and volunteered, but did not follow through with my full committtment.

What can I say except I am just an imperfect human being...

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