Sunday, April 15, 2012

I just Want Silence!!

Throughout my life and on this trip, I keep getting approached by people who want to engage in conversation, and have interest in getting to know me.  This is not something new and I understand the connection I have with people, but sometimes it is quite overwhelming.  In Varanasi, people were commenting or approaching me constantly.  I went behind a rock to do some reading and someone still found me.  Sitting and watching the sunset yesterday writing, the waiter is standing in front of me talking and talking and talking.  Many times I have purposefully went to places to avoid people and focus on meditation or reading and I still get interrupted.  Going in the middle of a jungle, a bird might just start talking to me if it is not a human ha!

I want to sit in silence for hours at a time just like my Swami Rama.  Swami Rama said he had this same problem where he could not get peace and silence.  I am not a Swami, but this is a real comparison.  When trying to engage in meditation in caves and mountain tops of the Himalayas people would always come up to him chanting before him, offering him fruit, or wanting to ask advice from him.  Swami just wanted silence to focus on his deeper meditations and insights. 

I just want peace to read and write read and write and read and write for days, months and even longer. 
I can not keep cheating myself by not writing-it is a full time job that I am not following through on this. 

Please just some "Peace for Priscilla"   


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