Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delhi- There is just Something in the Air....

Specifically I recall my friends in Mumbai telling me about the “Delhi arrogance.” Living in the capital, they have developed a superiority complex about themselves. This superiority complex leads to a lack of regard for others, which is present in the daily interactions I observed. Delhi is a bit like New York-people move quickly, self absorbed, jaded, and expect things to be done for them

My Observations......

Delhi men know how to dress- stylish, belts, loafers, suits, clothing, and wear the nerdy glasses to look cool(this was LA three years ago guys running around with nerdy glasses, suspenders, and extreme hair dos)

-Very Nice Metro System

- Spoiled children with spoiled parents  

- Police and safety Is A Priority-police all over the place

- City central areas kept clean(explored South and Central delhi and many of the monument areas, which were very well kept)

- Good night life(out twice so not the best judge) but enjoyed it

-Extremely unhelpful with directions

-Great food-ate at the restaurants, but street food is also supposed to be amazing

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