Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Amazing Family in Chitwan

Staying in the village area on the river with one amazing Nepalese family-I move with another family to volunteer for a few days, which this family is friends with the other family hence the connection to volunteer and stay with them. 
I develop an instant connection with Joki-la who is such a funny, carefree guy. He is retired and lives with his wife, her sisters, there daughter, son, grandsons, and nephews,  In total, there are ten people that live in his home.  His home is a bit nicer as it has a balcony, a second floor, and the rooms are finished, but when you go inside the home it is very old. There is no running water, the pump sits inside the kitchen, they have a large cooking pot and wooden fire to cook.  The seating area consists of two seats and a wooden table amongst the pavement, no lights, and bags of garlic, onions, and potatoes.  The ladies sit in the mornings peeling garlic and cutting vegetables filling up a couple large pots(as they are cooking for ten people).
Joki La's son is home from Dubai where he works and studies.  It is very common for Nepalese to go abroad to work in the Middle East, China, or Japan.  He is home for only one month to spend time with this family and then he goes back to Dubai, which he loves it there.

Joki' La's grandson is so cute running around the home hiding from me because he is shy.  I share the room with his daughter and we sit up talking and watching Bollywood movies. 

I just LOVE the time I spend with Joki La.  We joke that his name is Joki-oh la la. When he laughs it is loud and obnoxious and I too laugh just like this purposefully to enhance the moment.  His laugh is infectious.  We both sit and eat dinner with our hands(which in Nepal I have been using utensils-guilty).  He jokes that he is going to come to America and find a new American wife. We both eat chili peppers trying to see who can handle the spice more.   He wears nice new shirts, business pants, and black leather shoes.  He wears square glasses and smiles with his two front teeth being crooked and he has an overbite. 

Since there was no school Monday, he takes me by motor bike to twenty thousand lakes.  We are just laughing hysterically about random things on the bike.  We then go to visit his friend in another local village for lunch.  The landscape scenery is picturesque and I take video(which is now gone).  Him and his friend eat buffalo and joke around that is is rhino. His friend's wife makes me an omelet and I eat it staring at Joki' La's food disturbed by the buffalo.  I just loved the time we spent together...
My school... Nepal consists of private boarding schools or government schools.  My school is private with only a few hundred students.  It is a small school with little supplies and a few teachers.  Outside there is a garden area where the kids unpack their lunches and eat.

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