Saturday, April 21, 2012

B has Dreams and All of us Have Dreams

With the time we spent together, I realized that B is one of those who had the real life epiphany, “I don’t want to work my life away, but I want to be happy.”
B was a contracting supervisor for fifteen years until he realized that this was not his dream.  His dream is to build a nice hotel in Chitwan for his visiting friends and new friends to enjoy.  B says his life is now carefree and he enjoys it.  B interchanges between a couple pairs of clothes, he takes bike rides and walks at his leisure, eats the same dal bhat or vegetable curry each day, and spends a lot of time just relaxing.  He is not tied to a corporate job and he feels a sense of relief and freedom. 

In terms of the situation in Nepal, B speaks about the lack of education in Nepal and the disempowerment of women.  B says the government is corrupt like India.  There is not an interest in improving the structure and system to provide better education and opportunities for Nepalese.  I address my concern with the lack of education as I can notice this problem when speaking with children and locals.  Some have difficulty forming sentences, verbalizing their feelings/concerns, and repetition of ideas/thoughts, and poor listening.  It is definitely concerning for me to observe and witness.     

As I sit and listen to B, I think about the time I spent with my guru.  My guru has a dream.  He has a dream to build an ashram for his followers: an ashram with a yoga studio, a meditation hall, and designated temple areas in a peaceful desert area near the holy ghats. 

Hearing these two speak of their purpose, I sit and ponder what I can do to help two of my favorite people.  Help does not come in a materialistic, financial way rather it comes from persistence, creativity/innovation, and empowerment.  Like clients, I help my Guru and B brainstorm on how to take action towards this plan.  Actions speak louder than words.  With every creation, things come together step by step and day by day.  Creating a list each day of one of two things to accomplish toward your dream, verbalizing your dream to others to gain a feeling of support, and most importantly-effective time management. 

Both of them are just talking about their dream and not spending efficient time working towards accomplishing it.  “A little less conversation and a little more action.” This can apply to them and this can also apply to myself.  We all have dreams, but are YOU making your dreams a reality?

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