Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Last Train in India

This train experience was an absolute circus, but boy was it worth it…you will soon find out. Keep reading=)
Arriving at the train station, I buy my train ticket 58 rupees($1) to go 8 hours near the border of India and Nepal.  I meet some local friends at our train stop.  I walk around looking for some food to buy and while I am bargaining on some sour grapes-my friend comes and grabs me, “The train is coming.”

We run quickly to our “General seating cart.” There are soooo many people pushing.  People are falling down trying to push themselves up.  My friend and I push our way inside.  Inside, ladies are just laying down (Um this is general couch, not sleepers, get up ladies).  These ladies are not willing to move and are complaining (typical of women on the train). My friend tells me to just sit down and I take my seat right next to a nice local man and the complaining lady.  My back pack is on my lap, the local man on my shoulder, the baby on my lap, feet hanging off the top, locals laying on the floor, and I am not able to sleep, but instead I just sit up and stare at the figure sitting diagonally across from me. I can not believe what I am seeing and I just sit in silence and in, “Aww.” My local friend is up above on the top sleeper smiling and the local next to me is trying to get to know me, but I am completely distracted by what I see…

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