Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hunting for Rhinos with Buddy B

Spending quality time with B is nice because he is a kind selfless human being.  Even though, he is thirty years older than me, we both enjoy two things: simplicity and silence! We planned to go bike riding to the B National Park- it is a part of the Chitwan, but even better for jungle walks. My plan was to pay the 100 rupees entry and have B as my guide, but this plan failed.

But leave it to B, he came up with a Plan b! ha! Being a risk taker, B decided to take me to another secret forest where there are more rhinos and less rules of entry.  We take a short cut and enter trekking through the grassland, stomping on the leaves loudly, B says,” “Shhhh Rhino will hear you.”
The louder you are, the less you see when it comes to jungle walks and safaris. We are jumping through waters and into unknown territory.  Everything is completely off trail and I am just laughing at the adventure.  We are not seeing anything and every couple kilometers B lets out a huge sigh,  He says cutely, “Rhinos sleeping, they come out early morning and afternoon.”

B proceeds to give me all sorts of information on the rhino’s daily activity, the insects we are seeing, and the birds.  I am trying to pay attention, but the heat is extremely distracting.  B and I talk about marriage and family and we are on the same page.
B,"Free life is good life, married life is crazy life." 
I wonder if I will one day end up like B just enjoying life with no committments-just pure freedom to live and enjoy. 
Walking for a couple hours, we end up not seeing many birds, but no rhinos.
After our rhino hunting, we went bike riding through the villages and sat and watched the water buffalos bathing and the canoes going by on Rafti river.  It was nice quality time with B and our rhino hunting is not over. To be continued when we enter in the national park…

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