Sunday, April 22, 2012

Threes Company Too

I just love this couple-Rajmeet and Sheshila.    They welcome me into their home saying I can stay as long as I like and give whatever I feel comfortable with giving.  We sit together drinking Chai, eating Dal bhat, Rajmeet plays his flute and we dance around,  sitting on the rooftop and watching the sunset. 
Both of them are in the Brahman caste, their son and daughter are away studying in Kathmandu, they owned a bookstore for fifteen years and now Rajmeet works as a radio programmer, and their life is just simple.  Rajmeet has such an adorable innocence to him and says that he is happy to have a new American best friend.  He is quite comical when he speaks and we just have such a great dynamic like my dynamic with Joki-La(innocent, but aware of what the reality of the world).

Learning about Nepalese culture or I guess this is Hindu culture, Sheshila is not allowed to leave the house for 5 days during her menstrual cycle, which they call “technical problem.” When we have dinner, it is cooked by her niece who comes to cook during her “technical problem.” I tell them that I never saw this occur in India, especially not among my family who are workaholics.  I joke with them that this would be amazing if this happened in America!

Could you imagine being off for five days when you had your menstrual period? Things would function more efficiently, less mood swings by supervisors, and marriages would improve because women would get a break.  I just can not get enough of this

Rajmeet says it is also common for Nepalese men to have two or three wives.  One for cooking, one for cleaning, and one for sexual relations. When one has “technical problem” the other one steps up to the plate ha!  This is so interesting to me.      

My family is so busy.  We have Guru’s birthdays, wedding parties, and poojas to attend.  I am quite the busy Nepali bee!


  1. this is hilarious!! i have such a need to just be off work during that PMS time

  2. I think you would definitely benefit from this my Nesa. Whats up? Any trips planned ahead?

    Love my nesa=)