Friday, April 13, 2012

Priscilla Says Goodbye To India and Hello to Nepal

Taking a train and then a bus to the Somali border to cross over to Nepal was quite funny. I stepped off the train disoriented from my experience with Jesus and the lack of sleep. A nice local gave me a ride to the local bus station where I was to catch a local bus to Somali. Right as we are approaching, I hear the conductor shouting, "Somali, Somali." I thank my local friend, hop off, and go onto the bus. Usually the government buses are not in the best condition, but this bus was taking it to a whole new level. Announcement, announcement "Priscilla is leaving India so give her the worst bus possible." It was not so much about the dirt rather it was the condition of the bus. Each and every seat was ripped and was falling apart-my seat included. I was practically sitting right on top of the black bar with a mini cushion.

 Having an extra ten minutes, I decided to jump off the bus and hunt for food- always a challenge finding a snack that mildly healthy and has a current expiration date.
From the beginning, I had my eye on the papaya that was sitting near the front of the station. I decided it was too far and I had to settle with the nearby stands, but my eyes continued to drift away and away from the bus. Heading back with nothing, but a lousy pack of biscuits I see that my bus is gone. Usually a normal person would respond with a reaction of panic, but I know that it just moved up a bit further. I decide to go investigate the banana situation across. A man comes up behind me and says, "Chalo, Chalo"-bus. There I am snacking on bananas and my bus is about to leave. I am like a child who is still in the museum when the rest of her classmates have already left.

I walk onto the bus non-chilantly and the conductor is laughing at me eating contently like a ten year old and not caring about almost missing the bus. I get on the bus and decide to continue entertaining, "Chalo, chalo Somali, Somali." The conductors always shout off the bus the destination until the bus departs and actually on the road as well.

We stop for chai and I sit and eat with the bus driver and the conductor. This is usual for me making friends with the bus drivers-look at Delhi ha! We sit and eat the normal chapati, dal, rice, subji-it gets a bit boring to eat after a while plus I miss the spice!

Arriving at the border a few hours later, I shake hands with my bus driver and the conductor and feel like I am leaving behind an old friend. I march off to the border and get checked out of India by the kindest man who asks me to please come back soon. Walking right over to Nepal was a breeze with the Nepal immigration officer being just as kind.

And the new adventure in Nepal begins April 11, 2012....

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