Thursday, April 12, 2012

$75 to $100 to Travel Through India

Although, there was not an official calculation of my bus expenses though India, I am going to approximate $75 for the bus and train for three months of traveling.  95 percent of the time I traveled on government buses and/or bought general reservation tickets for the train.  One time I bought a sleeper ticket and two times I took a private bus.  The private buses I took were actually worse than the government buses.  Both buses were overpacked with people sitting in the aisles and people blasting their music.  I am not quite sure they should be calling them “Private-VIP” buses. 
In general, buses between cities cost 200 to 400 rupees, which breaks down to $4-$6.  Most buses cost under $5, but some going the distance cost over $5, but that is not often.  The train is incredibly cheap with general tickets $3.  A couple times my train ticket was below 200 rupees, which breaks down to $2. 

No flights taken in India-only buses and the train.  The cost of not even one flight between two cities is what it cost me to travel all over India-pretty amazing. 

For future travels, I am going to stick with the train and buses-not just because it is cheap, but mainly because I love the experience and as I always say Pris loves the bus!

Hopefully this price breakdown is inspiring! So many people think you have to have excess money to travel and this is false most of the time.  It does depend a lot on you and what you are willing to sacrifice. It also depends on where you are going because places like Europe and South America are a bit more costly than India- well a lot more costly.  

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